13 Unexpected Uses For Hairspray That Have Nothing To Do With Hair

source: Cut out+Keep

Most of us can probably locate a can of hairspray somewhere in our home. But if you think that hairspray is only good for smoothing and holding hair in place, think again! There are lots of unexpected yet genius ways to use hairspray around the house.

1. Secure Zippers

source: Pixabay

Does the zipper on your favorite pair of pants always seem to be falling down? A few spritzes of hairspray will fix that! The hairspray works to hold together the zipper’s teeth, so you won’t find yourself in any embarrassing zipper-related situations.

2. Prevents Smudging

A little-known artist’s secret is to spray a finished ink or charcoal drawing with hairspray. Just spray the paper (from a distance) with hairspray to keep it from smudging.

3. Stops Runs In Pantyhose

source: Daily Mail / iStock

You’ve probably heard that clear nail polish will stop a run in pantyhose. However, hairspray is also an excellent tool for bonding the thin fabric and stopping the run from getting any worse.

4. Helps Thread A Needle

If you’re having a hard time threading a needle, just spray the end of the thread with some hairspray. It will harden up the end of the thread, making it easier to feed through the end of the needle.

5. Removes Ink Stains

If you’ve accidentally gotten an ink stain on a piece of clothing, spray the area with hairspray. Then, use a cloth to dab at the ink. Ink is stubborn, but not too stubborn for hairspray!

6. Removes Hair Dye And Makeup Stains

source: SheFinds

If you notice a hair dye or makeup stain on your clothing, spray the area with hairspray, then use a cloth to dab at the stain (like in #5). Next, wash as you normally would.

7. Secures Screws

If you really want a screw to stay where it’s supposed to, spray some hairspray on it after tightening. The holding properties in hairspray will make it stay put.

8. Stops Static

source: Loti

In the cold, dry months, our clothing can become full of static. To stop your clothing from clinging to you, just lightly spray it with some hairspray.

9. Stops Shoe Sliding

If your feet are sliding around in your shoes and causing you to get blisters, just spray the soles and sides of your shoes with hairspray. The hairspray will help your feet to stop wiggling around.

10. Keeps Balloons From Popping

source: The Spruce

If you’re hosting a party that involves balloons, spritz each of them with some hairspray before your guests arrive. This will prevent them from popping.

11. Groom Your Brows

source: Andee Layne

If your eyebrows are looking a little unruly, spray some hairspray on a Q-tip, then use the Q-tip to smooth your brows into place.

12. Preserve Flowers

If you’re not ready to part with a bouquet of flowers but it looks like they’ve seen better days, lightly spray each flower with hairspray. It will help to preserve them and won’t make them dry and brittle, like the traditional drying-out process will.

13. Cleans Spilled Nail Polish

If you’ve accidentally spilled nail polish on a surface in your home, don’t panic. Just spray some hairspray on the spill, then use a cloth to wipe it up. Hairspray removes nail polish residue easily, so remember this hack if you like to paint your nails often!