16+ Surprising Uses For Conditioner That Have Nothing To Do With Your Hair

sources: Musely / Karissa's Vegan Kitchen

When you think of conditioner, you probably think of the common hair product designed to make your hair feel smooth, hydrated, and tangle-free. And while this is what conditioner is meant for, it also has a ton of other, completely unexpected uses. Here they are!

1. Shaving Cream

Run out of shaving cream? No problem. Just use conditioner in its place. The conditioner will give you the same smooth shave as shaving cream without drying out your skin like soap would.

2. Shoe Polish

source: YouTube/BuzzFeed Nifty

To shine up leather shoes, a dab of conditioner and a soft rag are all you need!

3. Free A Stuck Zipper

source: Cosmopolitan / Kathleen Kamphausen

If you’re dealing with a stuck zipper, use a Q-tip to apply a small amount of conditioner to the zipper’s teeth.

4. Cuticle Oil

A great, inexpensive alternative to pricey cuticle oil? Conditioner!

5. Remove A Stuck Ring

source: Fab How

Trying to get a too-small ring off your finger? Just wipe some conditioner around the ring and it should slide right off.

6. Fabric Softener

source: Digital Trends / Shutterstock

There’s no need to buy fabric softener. Just dab a small amount of conditioner onto a cloth and toss it in your washing machine. Your clothes will come out feeling oh so soft.

7. DIY Detergent

If you’re stranded somewhere without laundry detergent and need to wash your clothes, soak them in a solution of hot water and conditioner before rinsing thoroughly.

8. Remove Adhesives

source: Ask Me Clean / Rosy Blu

When trying to remove that sticky residue from labels and stickers, apply a good amount of conditioner to the area and let it sit for about 15 minutes. When the time’s up, the adhesive should wipe right off.

9. Unclog A Drain

source: Today Show / iStock

To unclog a drain, pour a generous amount of conditioner down it. After about 15 minutes, follow the conditioner with some hot water.

10. Remove A Stuck Bandage

source: Fooyoh

We all know what it’s like when it’s time to remove a band-aid. The adhesive pulls at your skin, making the process even worse! To help the bandage come off more easily, dab some conditioner around the edges of the bandage before removing it.

11. Yarn Softener

source: Computer Business Review / Little Woollie Makes Yarn Store

If you’re a knitter, then you know that softened yarn is far easier to work with, not to mention a lot less itchy. Conditioner is the perfect ingredient to soften yarn!

12. Stop A Squeaky Hinge

source: The DIY Guinea Pig

Few things are more annoying than a squeaky door hinge. To silence the squeak, lubricate the hinge with some conditioner.

13. Cleans Jewelry

source: Huffington Post / iStock

Is your jewelry looking a little dull? Shine it up with some conditioner before rinsing and wiping dry.

14. Soothe Dry Feet

source: LittleThings / Pixabay

If your feet are dry and cracked, coat them in some conditioner before putting on a pair of socks. Sleep with the socks on overnight before washing the conditioner off in the morning.

15. Preserve Makeup Brushes

source: Odyssey

To keep your makeup brushes clean and extend their lifespan, wash them with conditioner and warm water before rinsing and letting air dry.

16. Polish Stainless Steel

There’s no need to go out and buy expensive stainless steel cleaners. A bit of conditioner and a microfiber cloth will work just as well.

17. Prevent Rust

source: Missing Link Bicycle Cooperative

To prevent your metal tools from becoming rusty, wipe a thin layer of conditioner onto them before storing.