How To Turn A Plastic Laundry Basket Into A Strawberry Planter

source: YouTube/Asiyah's Plant Life

If the last year of living in a pandemic has taught me anything, it’s that I hate grocery shopping. Getting groceries once a week has become a fairly stressful experience, so if I can grow or make something at home, you better believe I’m going to. That’s why I was so excited when I saw that people are making strawberry planters out of old plastic laundry baskets. We go through strawberries quite quickly in my home, particularly during the summer, so I can’t wait to start growing my very own!

source: Home For The Harvest

If you don’t have an old laundry basket kicking around, head to the dollar store and buy one of those tall, plastic hampers with holes throughout. Next, line the basket with a garbage bag or burlap sack so that the soil doesn’t all spill out.

source: YouTube/Asiyah’s Plant Life

Once you’ve lined the basket, fill it with soil. Starting at the bottom of the basket, poke a hole in the bag or burlap using scissors and begin inserting the strawberry plant. Be sure to poke holes sporadically in the liner up the sides of the basket. For easy and even watering, you can insert a piece of PVC pipe with holes poked throughout into the middle of the planter. For a visual tutorial, check out the video below.

And that’s it! The laundry basket method is so effective because of the strawberry plant’s preferred growing strategy – out and down. You’ll have fresh, organic strawberries grown in the comfort of your backyard, and you hardly spent any money doing it. Sounds like enough of a reason to try out this project to me!