Should The Trend Of Painting Brick Houses White Be Over?

source: Houzz/Level Team Contracting

We are currently living in the fourth home we’ve purchased to date, and we have done extensive renovations on every single one. Some of those renovations have been necessities, while others have been about updating the home to reflect our style. I do think homeowners have a right to make changes to their homes, both inside and out, that are based on their personal preferences. However, one thing I really don’t love is stripping homes of their character in favor of copying current trends.

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When we were looking to purchase our second home, we looked at multiple houses in subdivisions and gated communities. I couldn’t ignore the many, many perks and conveniences of living in these developments. They were super family-oriented, the houses were brand new and not in need of any repair, and they were within walking distance to schools, shopping, and parks. However, what I couldn’t get past was that all of the homes looked the exact same. I didn’t see any individual style or character being reflected there, and I didn’t like the idea of living in a home that looked just like every other house on the block.

Much of this is due to the home design trends of the last few years. White everything, including the exterior of homes, has been and continues to be all the rage. I do love many elements of this style – namely how light, bright, airy, and calming things feel. But what I don’t like is how this trend has become so popular, that houses (even in older and historic neighbourhoods) are now tending to all look the same too.

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The trend of painting brick homes white is included in the all-white trend. And let me preface this by saying that I have seen many white-painted brick homes that I really like. Though I love terracotta brick and old-school yellow brick, I don’t love the brown-red brick that was popular from the 1950s to 1980s. So I completely understand why some homeowners choose to paint it. However, what I wish people would realize is that there are so many colors to paint brick that look incredible on homes – not just white. Pale grey, charcoal, olive, robin’s egg blue, pale yellow – there are so many options that transform a home and give it some personality without making it look like all of the other houses on the street.

source: HGTV/Alston Thompson Photography

What do you think? Do you like or dislike the trend of painting brick homes white? I think what I’m trying to say goes for every home design trend – it’s fine to incorporate elements of trends, but it shouldn’t be at the risk of your home losing all of its personality and becoming a clone of every other home. Remember, trends come and go. It’s fine to retain elements of trends, but giving everything to one single trend doesn’t allow you to develop your own unique style.