Why Some People Put Top Sheets On Upside Down

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In my house, making a bed is something akin to an art form (my Mother taught me well). If I had to guess, most people’s beds are comprised of a fitted sheet, top sheet, and either a quilt, comforter, or duvet. And though making a bed isn’t rocket science, there are a few bed-making tricks out there that will have your bedroom and guest rooms looking top notch at all times.

source: Finding Lovely

Sullivan May of Southern Living relayed a memory of making a bed in their home in front of a guest, only to have the guest correct them and say they were putting the top sheet on upside down. And though it may have appeared that the top sheet was being put on upside down, this is actually the correct way to make a bed. As Sullivan pointed out, the more vibrant-colored (or more patterned side) is the side that should actually be facing down, contrary to many people’s beliefs. This is so that when you fold the top end of the top sheet over the quilt, comforter, or duvet, the colored or patterned side shows.

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According to Southern Living, one should fold the top sheet down an inch or two over the top of your quilt, then fold both the top sheet and quilt over one more time for a hotel-quality made bed. On all of the beds in our home, we have two pillows with pillow cases matching the sheet set, and two pillows with pillow cases matching the quilt or duvet cover. We always add at least one throw pillow and one throw blanket to each bed, so our guests feel comfortable and at home when staying at our house.

source: Driven by Decor

This is an extremely simple housekeeping tip that truly does transform the feel of a bedroom, and particularly a guest room. We all want our guests to feel at home, and this is a quick and easy way to make their stay feel more thoughtful.