16 Stylish Ways To Organize A Tiny Apartment

source: 8FootSix / Hailey's Helpful Hints

If you’ve ever lived in a small apartment, you already know that it’s important to use every inch of space possible. Between furniture, clothing, and other possessions, it can be extremely difficult to find a place for everything. To keep a small apartment neat and organized, check out the following tips!

1. Corner Shelves

source: A Beautiful Mess

If you don’t have a ton of space to work with, don’t forget about those corners! The corner of a room makes for the perfect opportunity to install some corner shelves.

2. Coffee Table Chest

source: Pinterest

Maximize your storage space by using a wooden chest as your coffee table. You can store blankets, extra linens, or whatever else you want inside.

3. Rolling Drawers

source: Remodelaholic / DIY Passion

Fasten wheels to the bottoms of drawers or bins to use them as easily accessible, rolling storage.

4. Maximize Closet Space

source: Idea Bottle

If you have limited closet space, use soda can tabs to hang one hanger from another. You’ll be able to double the amount of clothes you can hang up.

5. Mason Jars

source: DIY Network / The DIY Playbook

Fastening some mason jars to a piece of wood and hanging it on your bathroom wall creates an effective and aesthetically pleasing way to store your bathroom essentials.

6. Roll-Out Pantry

source: MadisonArk

If you’re working with limited cupboard space, it’s a good idea to create a roll-out pantry that fits beside your fridge.

7. Back-Of-The-Door Storage

Hang a shoe organizer on the back of a door to store cleaning products and free up cupboard space.

8. Fold Cleverly

source: One Kings Lane

If you fold your shirts and stack them horizontally instead of vertically, you’ll be able to clearly see what’s in each drawer. You’ll also be able to maximize how much clothing you can fit in the drawers.

9. Behind-The-Couch Seating

source: Listotic / houzz

If you position a narrow table behind your couch, you’ll have a sitting/eating surface that hardly takes up any space.

10. Shower Storage

Use a hanging fruit basket to store kids’ bath toys and other shower products.

11. Pegboard

Pegboard is an excellent way to store various items when you don’t have a lot of drawer, cupboard, or closet space.

12. Corner Desk

source: Pinterest

If you want a desk in your bedroom or other small space, a corner desk is a great way to have a work space that takes up limited room.

13. Ladder Storage

source: Paper and Stitch

A decorative ladder is not only stylish, but it’s perfect for hanging up throw blankets and more.

14. Rolling Island

source: HGTV

If your kitchen isn’t big enough for a traditional island, you can buy a rolling, portable one to use as an extra prep area and storage space.

15. DIY Office Space

source: How To Get Organized / HGTV

If you work from home or need a home work space, you can add shelving to a closet and use it as a desk/office area.

16. Murphy Bed

source: California Closets

Murphy beds are so underrated! They create a fold-down sleeping space and can be easily folded back up to the wall.