How To Make 3-Ingredient ‘Never Fail’ Scones

source: Taste

I’ve tried making scones a handful of times, and they always end up being way too dry and crumbly. I will admit, I’m not the most skilled of bakers, but I’d love to try a simple scone recipe that has a better chance of turning out. And luckily for me (and for you!), I think I’ve found that exact recipe.

The Farmer’s Wife shared her recipe for three-ingredient, never fail scones that look and sound oh so delicious!

source: Taste of the Place

Although two of the required ingredients probably won’t surprise you, I’m willing to bet that one certainly will. Serve these scones up with cream, honey, jam, or whatever your heart desires!

Check out the post below for the full list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions!