Can You Believe That 3 Adults Live In This Tiny Home?

source: Tumblr/tinyhallhouse

Although tiny home living isn’t for everyone, it does allow a certain sense of simplicity and freedom that living in a traditional home does not. I’ve seen some pretty impressive tiny homes over the past few years, but this one is definitely at the top of the list — mostly because three adults live in the 160-square-foot space!

Sometimes I feel like I’m constantly running into my husband in our 1,300-square-foot home. That’s why I’m so impressed that a mother, father, and their 18-year-old son all reside in this charming little home. Although it is tiny, the design features they chose give the space a bright, airy feel.

source: Tumblr/tinyhallhouse

You might be wondering where everyone sleeps in this small little space. The couple’s son sleeps on the couch in the living room, which is actually a twin bed. His parents sleep in the loft, which even has two tiny end tables and some gorgeous, antique-looking wall sconces.

The main living space features built-in shelving in clever places, including over the front entranceway. There’s a wall-mounted flatscreen TV, and enough sitting options for the three family members to comfortably watch something together. The tiny washroom was made to look bigger through the use of light, natural wood. The washroom includes a toilet, sink, and 30 x 30 shower.

The kitchen features butcher block countertops, a mini fridge, a sink, and enough cupboards and shelving to store dishes and cooking supplies. The family does have a stove, but it’s a small, portable one that they can stow away when they don’t need to use it. Every inch of the kitchen has truly been utilized in the most efficient way possible.

source: Tumblr/tinyhallhouse

This is such a beautifully designed tiny home, and it’s so nice that this family of three adults can live in this small space so comfortably. Click here to check out their blog and see even more photos of their amazing tiny home.