6 Things To Avoid Doing To Protect Your Feet

source: Slate via William Philpott/Reuters

Until we get older, we tend to not really consider our feet. Between high heels and other constricting types of footwear, our feet can seriously suffer as a result. In order to protect your feet and prevent foot problems, here are six things that can negatively affect your foot health over time.

1. Wearing Flip Flops 24/7

source: Wikipedia

Wearing flip flops from time to time in the warm weather is okay. But if you live in flip flops, your feet aren’t being provided with any type of support. Additionally, wearing such exposed sandals leaves you at a higher risk of contracting toe and fungal infections.

2. Skipping The Socks

Whenever you’re wearing a closed-toe shoe, you should always be wearing socks. Not only do socks prevent blisters, but they also prevent fungal infections and unpleasant odors.

3. Going Barefoot

If you’re constantly going barefoot on hard surfaces, you might want to consider wearing a pair of thick socks or slippers. Going barefoot all the time can cause fat deterioration in your feet, which can lead to many painful foot conditions.

4. Only Wearing Flats

source: Fashionist

Many women wear flats, as they’re an extremely versatile shoe. However, flats provide essentially no support or shock absorption value. A thick-soled shoe with a slight arch (especially running shoes) is always a better option.

5. Sticking To One Size

source: Pixabay

Everyone knows their shoe size, but if you only stick to one exact one, you could be unknowingly damaging your feet. Always opt for feel rather than a numerical size, as many factors can cause the size and shape of your feet to change.

6. Ignoring Problems

If you think you have toe fungus, plantar fasciitis, a bunion, or any other type of foot pain, you should always consult with your doctor. Ignoring foot pain will only make it more persistent, so don’t delay in seeking treatment!