The Rising Popularity Of Moon Drop Grapes

source: Minnetonka Orchards

The evolution of agriscience has meant that we’re able to enjoy a variety of fruit like never before. During the next trip to your local grocery store, check out the types of produce available. You’ll likely see shapes and colors of fruits and vegetables that you’ve never seen before. And the fruit we’re going to talk about today is no different! I absolutely love grapes, but I had never heard of moon drop grapes until now – and I am super excited to try them!

source: Taste of Home via Jaboo2Foto/Shutterstock

Moon drop grapes are a variety of dark grape that are cylindrical in shape. They are the perfect balance of sweet and tart, and tend to last for quite a while when refrigerated. Moon drop grapes are thought to have been given their name due to their raindrop-like shape. International Fruit Genetics (IFG) trademarked them as Sweet Sapphires, so you may also see them listed by that name. Before you get freaked out, moon drop grapes are not considered a genetically modified organism (GMO).

source: Arad Branding

As explained by Southern Living, moon drop grapes are not a GMO, but are the product of agricultural experimentation. They first came to be back in 2004 when IFG created them. So if you were initially curious to try them but worried they would be an example of a GMO, not to fret!

source: Abbie Gellman

As with other types of grapes, moon drop grapes can be eaten as a standalone snack, chopped up in salad or chicken salad, included on a charcuterie board, or any other way you like! However, you’ll be hard pressed to find them on the shelves at all times. Moon drop grapes typically come into season in late summer or early fall. Now that you know a bit more about this funny-shaped but delicious fruit, maybe you’ll feel compelled to buy a bunch the next time they hit the grocery store shelves!