Delicious Dessert Recipe: Sweet And Fluffy Banana Cake

source: Spend with Pennies

If I’m out for dinner at a restaurant and there’s cake on the menu, I don’t think I’ve ever failed to order it for dessert. It truly doesn’t matter the kind of cake – whether it’s chocolate, carrot, red velvet, or cheesecake, I’ll eat it. So when I came across this delectable recipe for banana cake, I knew I shouldn’t be selfish and instead share it with all of you.

source: Food Network

You’re probably wondering, “Is there even a difference between banana cake and banana bread?” And that’s a completely valid question, with the answer being yes. While banana bread is traditionally more dense and sticky, banana cake has a true cake consistency, meaning it’s a little lighter and a little fluffier, but with that same delicious banana flavor.

source: Spend With Pennies

Sally’s Baking Addiction is responsible for this super sweet recipe which involves layers of brown butter cream cheese frosting between layers of the banana cake. Of course, the sides and top are also coated in a generous layer of frosting, and you can add some crushed walnuts to the top layer if that’s your thing!

source: Sally’s Baking Addiction

Click here for the full list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions. I’m pretty sure that if you were to bring this cake to a dinner party or some other sort of gathering, you would leave being everyone’s new best friend. I think I’ll make this cake for myself and likely eat the entire thing first, just to be sure.