5 Common Shaving Mistakes To Avoid Making

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Shaving is a part of many women’s daily or weekly beauty routines. I don’t think anyone particularly enjoys shaving, as it can be quite time consuming and tedious. Additionally, many of us are likely making multiple mistakes when it comes to shaving, and you probably aren’t even aware you’re making them. Here are five things you should avoid when shaving!

1. You Use Your Disposable Razor Too Long

Disposable razors are called disposable for a reason. If you shave every day, you should toss your razor after a week. The blades on disposable razors become dull very quickly, and this can lead to irritation, razor bumps, and even infections.

2. You Don’t Use Shaving Cream

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If you’re one of those people who dry shave, stop immediately! This is extremely irritating to the skin, as the razor will pull on the hair instead of gliding over it. Always use a shaving cream, gel, or even soapy water rather than dry shaving.

3. You Don’t Shave In The Right Direction

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Most women shave in the opposite direction of their hair growth, but this can be irritating to sensitive skin and also cause ingrown hairs. It’s best to shave in the same direction as your hair growth for these reasons.

4. You Don’t Moisturize

Shaving can be hard on skin, which is why you should always moisturize soon after getting out of the shower. When your skin is still slightly damp, it will help to lock in hydration for longer.

5. You Rush

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When it comes to shaving, rushing is pretty dangerous! Not only do you risk cutting yourself, but applying rushed, uneven pressure to your skin increases the likelihood of irritation. Take your time and shave using long, even strokes.