9 Surprising Uses For Wax Paper You’ll Wish You’d Known About Sooner

sources: Pintester / Lifehacker

When you think of wax paper, baking treats probably comes to mind. However, wax paper actually offers a ton of other versatile uses as well. After reading through this list, you’re going to want to stock up on wax paper!

1. Restore Wood Products

If you have a wood salad bowl, cutting board, or salad servers that are starting to go dull, rub them down with a piece of wax paper. They’ll look shiny and new again!

2. Unstick A Zipper

source: Pinterest

Dealing with a stuck zipper? Rub a piece of wax paper along the zipper’s teeth to help it glide more smoothly.

3. Save A Soggy Book

source: Treehugger

If one of your books has accidentally gotten wet, stick some pieces of wax paper in between the pages. The wax paper will absorb the water and prevent the pages from getting stuck together when they dry.

4. Clean The Floors

source: Lifehacker

Run out of Swiffer sheets? No problem! Just use a piece of wax paper instead to remove dust, dirt, and grime from floors.

5. Unstick A Door

source: Pinterest

If you have a door that seems to constantly get stuck in its frame, rub a piece of wax paper along the edge of the door to unstick it!

6. Clean Stainless Steel

source: Air & Water

Why buy pricey stainless steel cleaners when rubbing a piece of wax paper along stainless steel appliances will clean them just as well?

7. Prevent Water Stains

source: Pintester

To prevent your chrome faucets and fixtures from becoming dotted in hard water stains, rub them down with a piece of wax paper. The wax paper will make the water bead up and fall off.

8. Protect Wood Cutting Boards

source: Between Carpools

If you are going to be cutting something with a lot of juices, prevent bacteria from seeping into your wood cutting boards by placing a sheet of wax paper over top.

9. Prolong The Life Of Garden Tools

source: Lifehacker

Before storing your garden tools, rub a piece of wax paper along the metal parts. This will remove dirt and grime, as well as prevent them from getting rusty.