How To Install A Backyard Pool For As Little As $300

kelly_nequist_photography /Instagram

If you’ve always wanted a swimming pool in your backyard but haven’t been able to justify the cost, it’s your lucky day. There’s a new pool trend that makes putting a pool in super affordable, and there are tons of different ways to style them, too.

So what’s this new craze? Well, it’s stock tank pools. And yes, stock tanks as in water tanks that livestock drink out of. It may sound crazy, but stock tank pools are actually quite attractive.

There are different sizes and depths of stock tanks, but most of them retail for around $300. Plus, you can either make them above-ground or below-ground. From sleek and modern to rustic and country, there are so many different ways to incorporate a stock tank pool into your yard.

How gorgeous is this above-ground stock tank pool that was seamlessly incorporated into this backyard’s gardens? I seriously can’t get over how sophisticated an animal’s water trough can look.


If you want your stock tank pool to be below-ground, no problem. Sure, it’ll take a bit more money due to masonry work. But it’ll still be way cheaper than putting in a traditional below-ground pool.

Think stock tank pools are a little too “country” for you? Think again. They can be as rustic or contemporary as you like! All you need is a little imagination.

source: GooDSGN

To sum it up, stock tank pools can look however you want them to. They’re an inexpensive yet stylish way to incorporate a pool into your backyard, and they’ll have you keeping cool all summer long!