People Are Getting Stock Tank Pools, And I Definitely Need One

sources: Instagram/@randilynnblog / Instagram/@asellers00

I’ve always wanted a pool, but installing one isn’t something that’s in my current budget. Our backyard is a decent size, but putting in a regular-sized pool would eliminate most of the grass, which isn’t great news for my kids or our dog. So when I stumbled upon the new trend of stock tank pools, I was really excited. Stock tank pools are affordable, they don’t take up much room, and they’re perfect for cooling off on a hot summer day!

Stock tanks are meant to be used as water troughs for livestock, but they’re definitely big enough to use as a small pool. They’re around $400 or less to buy, and another $90 to $120 if you choose to install a pool pump. That’s far less than the tens of thousands of dollars it would cost to put in a traditional pool!

I love seeing the creative ways people are incorporating stock tank pools into their backyards. Some people choose to leave them plain, while others paint the exterior fun colors. Others build decks around the pool, and some even install them as an underground pool. There are so many ways to make a stock tank pool your own!

Sure, there’s nothing wrong with those plastic, blow-up above-ground pools. But they’re notorious for holes and leaks, and they don’t look nearly as chic as these stock tank pools.

So, what do you think? Would you ever considering getting a stock tank pool? The weather has been extremely hot where I live lately, and so I think I’m going to head to our local farm store this weekend to pick one up. Stock tank pools are an inexpensive yet effective way to stay cool – so I’m in (literally!).