How To Clean Stainless Steel Sinks Using Flour

When you’re expecting company at your home, you probably do things like clean the floors, dust, and tidy up your belongings. Your home is a direct reflection of you, after all, and you want to feel proud and comfortable entertaining in your space. And so, I have another (very simple) chore to add to the above list.

source: The Kitchn

When you think of flour, you probably think of something you use to bake with – not a cleaning product. However, those small flour particles actually act as a slight abrasive. And they’re perfect for cleaning and shining up a stainless steel sink! First, start by doing a quick clean of your sink. Use a rag and hot, soapy water to wipe the sink down before rinsing.

Next, wipe the sink down so that it is completely dry. If the sink isn’t 100% dry, you’ll be left with quite the mess. Then, sprinkle some flour all over the sides and bottom of your sink. Use a clean, dry cloth to buff the flour using circular motions. When you’re done, it’s time to remove the flour from the sink. You can either use a rag to wipe the flour out of the sink, or use a handheld vacuum to suck up the flour (probably the easier method).

source: Franke

It’s integral that you get all of the flour out of the sink. If you wash the flour down the drain, the flour and water combination will start to create a dough. And that doughy mixture will end up clogging your drain. Once you’ve practiced these steps, your sink will be polished and shining like a new coin! It’s simple yet effective touches like this that really make your home look and feel ultra clean.