12 Spring-Inspired Hand And Foot Painting Ideas To Do With Kids

sources: Crafty Morning / The Best Ideas for Kids

After what seemed like quite possibly the longest winter on record, spring is finally just around the corner! And since we have warm weather and sunshine to look forward to, I thought it was the perfect time to introduce some awesome craft ideas to do with your kids this spring. Here are 12 great hand and foot painting ideas that you and your kids will love doing!

1. Bunny

source: Fun Handprint Art

Some paper plates, paint, and your kids’ hands and feet are all you’ll need to make these adorable bunnies! This is an awesome craft idea to try before Easter!

2. Flowers

source: A Little Pinch of Perfect

Such a simple yet cute painting craft of flowers!

3. Caterpillar

source: Seaside Sundays

Kids love The Very Hungry Caterpillar – and now they can make their own!

4. Frog

source: Crystal & Co.

This handprint frog perched on a lily pad is so sweet!

5. Bumblebee

source: Marvel Mama

A yellow painted foot and some basic drawing will make you this charming bumblebee!

6. Butterfly

source: The Best Ideas for Kids

How pretty are these painted butterflies? Perfect for hanging on the fridge!

7. Peacock

source: Fancier’s World

I absolutely adore this fun peacock hand painting. So unique!

8. Flowers

source: The Ten Thousand Hour Mama

Parents of babies and toddlers – you must do this foot painting idea! So sweet and the perfect keepsake.

9. Ladybug

source: Sunshine Whispers

Is there anything cuter than this ladybug made from painted feet? I think not!

10. Lion

source: Messy Little Monster

I just love these cute little painted lions. The bright colors used are so cheery.

11. Robin

source: Messy Little Monster

Nothing reminds me of spring quite like the sound of robins chirping in the morning. Maybe that’s why this painted robin with a feather is one of my favorites on the list!

12. Duck

source: Crafty Morning

And last but certainly not least, how sweet is this yellow duck with a glued-on ribbon? Adorable.

Hopefully this list has given you some great inspiration for hand and foot painting crafts you can do with your kids this spring. Happy painting!