How To Speed Up The Time It Takes To Dry Laundry

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I feel like a massive portion of my life is spent doing laundry. Between washing, drying, and folding, the process seems to go on and on. Add kids and pets into the mix and you know exactly what I’m talking about. In fact, I found I was spending so much time in the laundry room, it was easy to justify a renovation. And although I do love how our laundry room turned out, it would be nice to spend more time elsewhere – like on the couch with a glass of wine and my feet up!

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So, how can we shave some time off the laundry process? Well, there’s not a whole lot I can suggest to magically speed up your washing machine, but I do have a tip for speeding up your dryer. And the best part is – all you need to achieve this is a dry towel! Yep, just any old dry bath towel will do!

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You see, if you add a dry towel to your damp laundry, the towel will quickly begin to absorb the water and humidity from your clothing or linens, thus causing them to dry more quickly. Most dryers are equipped with sensors to stop the dryer once it senses the laundry inside is dry, which will also help save on your utility bill. Is that a win-win situation, or what?

You can also check out this video for 15 other great laundry hacks:

Now that you know these simple yet effective tips, hopefully you won’t resent the process of doing laundry quite so much!