12 Small Cabin Ideas You Can Buy Or DIY For Super Cheap

source: Conestoga Log Cabins

I’ve always dreamed of having a small, rustic cabin that I can use as a weekend retreat to unplug. However, I’ve never really thought this dream was in the budget – until now, that is! Here are 12 small cabin ideas that you can either buy or DIY for super cheap – as cheap as a few hundred dollars in some cases!

1. Cute Rustic Cabin

source: Jamaica Cottage Shop

This charming wood cabin looks like something out of a fairy tale! Whether you plan to use it for an off-grid weekend retreat, artist’s studio, or children’s playhouse, the $5,364 price tag means the possibilities are endless.

2. Oban Modern Cabin

source: Summerwood Products

Looking for something a little more sleek and modern? The Oban cabin is available in four sizes with pre-cut, pre-assembled, and installed pricing available.

3. Avrame Duo

source: Avrame

The Avrame Duo Series is a sleek A-frame cabin that starts at $24,800. You can also add on a patio, dormers, and stairs for extra!

4. Getaway Log Cabin

source: Conestoga Log Cabins

The Getaway log cabin sure lives up to its name! The one-bedroom, one-bathroom design is perfect for a weekend outing. Pricing starts around $21,000.

5. Paddington Cabin

source: Tar River Log Homes

The Paddington model from Tar River Log Homes gives you lots of bang for your buck. The design includes one bedroom, one bathroom, a living area, a kitchen, and even a covered front porch for around $25,000.

6. Bala Bunkie

source: Summerwood Products

The Bala Bunkie is another great cabin courtesy of Summerwood Products. This 100-square-foot beauty is priced from around $12,000 to $21,000 depending on the finishing.

7. DIY Tiny A-Frame

source: RelaxShacks

Can you believe this adorable little A-frame was a DIY creation for less than $300?! RelaxShacks will teach you how to replicate this idea using mostly reclaimed materials.

8. Cheryl Beach Cabin

source: Pin-Up Houses

This adorable, retro-style cabin is making me so nostalgic! Pin-Up Houses sells a building plan and material list for $130 which teaches you how to DIY this cabin yourself for around $3,000 in three weeks or less.

9. Boulder Lodge Log Cabin

source: Conestoga Log Cabins

I love the traditional look of the Boulder Lodge Log Cabin. This charming cabin is less than 300 square feet, but features a bathroom, bedroom, and kitchenette. Pricing is around $27,000.

10. Avrame Trio

source: Avrame

I could happily live in this Avrame Trio series A-frame cabin for the rest of my days. At 1,300 square feet and pricing starting around $53,000, this model is the biggest and priciest on this list – but you get what you pay for!

11. Durango Log Cabin

source: Conestoga Log Cabins

This 232-square-foot Durango cabin is perfect for a weekend away hunting or fishing. The design features a small bathroom and living area/sleeping quarters for around $20,000.

12. A-Frame Micro Cabin

source: Tiny House HQ

Last but certainly not least is this A-frame micro cabin built for around $700 using mostly reclaimed materials! Find more information and photos here.

No matter your budget, I hope these awesome cabins have given you some inspiration for creating your dream getaway spot. Whether you’re thinking of going the DIY route or investing in one of the bigger models, your dream can become a reality with some saving, planning, and hard work!