8 Simple Ways To Get Rid Of Spiders Out Of The House

source: wikihow.com

I can’t say I’ve ever met someone who likes spiders. When it comes to insects, spiders are absolutely my least favorite, and I will go to great lengths in order to get them out of my house. With summer over and the colder weather approaching, these critters will be looking to take shelter in your home. Here are 8 simple ways to make sure they stay out!

1. Peppermint Essential Oil

source: Hunker

All pests (including spiders) can’t stand the strong smell of peppermint essential oil. Place a few drops of the oil on cotton balls, then scatter them under furniture and other places spiders like to hide. Just be sure your pets or children can’t access them, as peppermint oil can be harmful if ingested.

2. Cinnamon

Bugs also hate cinnamon. Sprinkle some around the exterior of your home, paying close attention to doorways and windows. This will deter spiders from entering your home in the first place.

3. Distilled Vinegar

Make a solution of equal parts distilled vinegar and water, then spray the solution on and around any cracks in your home. Spiders can’t stand the smell and will be sure to stay away.

4. Cedar Hangers

To prevent spiders from making your closets their home, swap out your hangers for the cedar variety. Spiders don’t like the smell of cedar, and so they won’t be tempted to string up webs in your closets.

5. Citrus Rinds

Another thing spiders and pests hate? Citrus smells. Take orange or lemon rinds and place them around your home. You can also lightly rub them on surfaces to make the scent more noticeable to them.

6. Lemon Furniture Polish

On the topic of citrus and spiders, using lemon polish on your wood furniture is another great way of deterring spiders from hanging around your home.

7. Chestnuts

This might sound odd, but chestnuts contain a substance that is very unappealing to spiders. Consider placing chestnuts under furniture, in closets, and in your basement to keep spiders from lingering there.

8. Coconut Oil

It might surprise you to learn that spiders also hate the smell and feel of coconut oil. Make a solution of coconut oil and water, then spray the solution around any cracks and crevices within your home.