How To Dry Laundry In Half The Standard Time

source: YouTube/Household Hacker

I definitely would never say that I love doing laundry. First, it’s the waiting around for the washing machine to finish its cycle. Then, it’s waiting around for the dryer to be done. And then, it’s time for everyone’s least favorite part: folding! While I can’t eliminate the concept of doing laundry for you, I can offer up a simple tip to make the process go by a little more quickly.

source: Twitter/@Love2Laundry / iStock

If you want to shave some time off drying your clothing, all you need to do is grab a big, dry towel. Toss the towel in with your wet clothing and start the drying cycle. The towel will absorb a great deal of the moisture and humidity in the dryer, which will make your clothing dry that much faster.

The key is to remove the towel after about 15 to 20 minutes. If you leave it in too long, it will absorb too much of the moisture and won’t dry your clothing any faster. If you want to learn more or see this hack in action, check out the video below!