Simple Tricks To Help With Multiplication

source: SimpleMost / Instructables

Multiplication is part of the foundation of mathematics. Even if you don’t use multiplication in your job, there are definitely instances in daily life where it comes in handy.

If you have a child who is struggling with multiplication, this simple hack courtesy of Simple Most will make math class that much easier for them. Heck — adults can benefit from learning this trick, too!

It’s important to note that this trick only works for 6, 7, 8, and 9 times tables (excluding 6 x 6). However, these are generally the most difficult ones to learn, so this hack is totally worth knowing.

Step 1:

Beginning with your pinky fingers and working your way to your thumbs, number your fingers from 6 to 10. Next, line up the fingers that apply to your math problem. For instance, when multiplying 7 x 8, line up your fingers like this:

Step 2:

After you have the appropriate fingers lined up, you can understand the magic of this hack. Add the 2 lined-up fingers with the ones below it. For example, you would have 5 fingers. This number will be the first numeral in your final answer (aka the number in the 10s column, so in this instance, 50).

Step 3:

Next, multiply the top fingers on your left hand by the top fingers on your right hand. In this case, it would be 3 x 2 (with an answer of 6). This is the second numeral in your final answer (the number in the 1s column).

Step 4:

Simply combine your two numbers, and that’s your final answer!

For a hands-on learner who doesn’t want to rely on memorization, this simple trick can be really helpful. Plus, it’s way better than using a cheat sheet! It’s definitely worth a shot in our books!