The ‘Correct’ Way To Hang Christmas Tree Lights


It’s (almost) the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas songs are playing, the smell of warm apple cider is in the air, and it’s time to go get a Christmas tree. I love everything related to decorating the tree — except hanging the lights, that is. Stringing the lights around the tree is never a one-person job, and it always results in half of the tree’s needles ending up on the ground. But it turns out there’s a way easier method for hanging tree lights that doesn’t involve wrapping them around and around.

source: Bower Power

The solution? Hang your tree lights vertically. Not only is this method way easier than looping the lights around the tree, but the bulbs will be so much more visible because they’re way closer to the edge of the branches. Start by tucking the part of the light string without the plug towards the top of the tree. Make your way down the branches, weaving in a slight S formation.

When you get to the bottom of the tree, leave about three inches between the strand you’ve just positioned as you start weaving the next strand upwards. Continue weaving the lights up, and then down, until your entire tree has been lit. To see this genius method in action, check the Instagram post:

TikTok user @lizlovery explains why it’s better to hang lights vertically (from top to bottom). According to her, it’s easier to deal with the lights and you need to use fewer of them while decorating. Watch her video to see what difference this method made!