15+ Regular Objects With Little-Known Features

sources: Shoutpedia / Reddit

You might be surprised to learn that many objects we use and encounter in our daily lives actually have hidden features. Some of these hidden features have to do with efficiency, while some are more safety-related. Take a look through to find out if you knew about any of these little-known features!

1. Spaghetti Ladle

source: PopSugar

The hole in the middle of your spaghetti ladle is actually there to measure out one serving of pasta. So smart!

2. Pen Cap

source: The Emerging India

Have you ever wondered why there are holes in the top of pen caps? Since so many people are in the habit of chewing on their pen caps, the hole acts as a safety feature. If someone accidentally gets the cap stuck in their throat, the hole will allow air to still pass through the cap.

3. Fuel Gauge Arrow

source: AllState / iStock

That arrow beside the fuel gauge on your vehicle’s dash is there to remind you which side of the car your gas cap is on.

4. Cosmetics’ Expiry Dates

source: Vogue Infatuation / Social Beautify

Yes, cosmetics and skincare products do expire! There will be a little container on the back of the product showing a number followed by the letter “M.” That number indicates how many months the product is good for before it should be thrown out.

5. Takeout Containers

source: Reader’s Digest

The sides of those square takeout containers are meant to be folded down so that the container can be used as a plate!

6. Metal Lock

source: The Sun / Youtube

You may have noticed that most locks have a small metal hole on the bottom. This hole allows any water to drain out of the lock so that it doesn’t then freeze and jam the locking mechanism. Genius!

7. iPhone

source: LifeBuzz via Apple / Shoutpedia

That small dot beside an iPhone’s camera lens is actually a tiny microphone. It’s there so that you can still record sound when using the rear camera.

8. Small Jean Pocket

source: HuffPost / Getty images

Have you ever wondered what the purpose is of that tiny pocket on your jeans that’s too small to put anything in? When jeans were first invented, that pocket was meant to carry a pocket watch in!

9. Soda Can Tab

source: FoodBeast

The hole in soda can tabs is meant to act as a straw holder. Who knew?!

10. Wine Bottle Indentation

source: Daily Mail / Shutterstock

The indentation in the bottom of wine bottles was invented by glassblowers to help the bottle stand upright, and is a tradition that’s still being used today. With sparkling wines and champagne, the dent helps distribute pressure more evenly throughout the bottle.

11. Pot Handle Spoon Holder

source: The Chive

The hole in the end of a cooking pot’s handle is meant to act as a spoon rest while cooking!

12. Extra Fabric

source: ScoopWhoop

Most people think that the extra scrap of fabric that comes with a spare button when you buy a new clothing item is for clothing repairs. However, that little fabric swatch is actually to test how it washes. That way, you’ll know that your clothing won’t get ruined when washed with certain detergents, etc.

13. Fast Food Cup Lid

source: Daily Mail / Imgur

If you take the lid off a fast food cup, it becomes the perfect-sized coaster! When you bring a drink back home or to work over your lunch break, you won’t have to worry about water rings ruining your desk or table.

14. Ketchup Cups

source: Reddit/u/quaite

You know those little ketchup containers offered at fast food restaurants? If you pull the tabs to the side, they expand and create much more room for ketchup!

15. Tic Tac Lid

source: YouTube/William Higgins

There’s actually a slot on the inside of a Tic Tac lid that’s supposed to act as a dispenser. Although, we all know it’s hard to eat just one!

16. Aluminum Foil Box

source: Wonder How To/Food Hacks / Stacey Snacks

The tabs in the sides of an aluminum foil box are meant to act as end locks. That way, you won’t have to worry about the aluminum foil roll falling out and rolling across the room.

Now that you know about these everyday objects with little-known features, you’ll be able to take forth this new knowledge and make life just a little bit easier!