9 Perks Of Using Epsom Salt In Your Garden

source: The Wisconsin Vegetable Gardener

When you think of epsom salt, you probably think of soaking in a warm bath to relieve achy joints and muscles. And while epsom salt is great for this reason, it also offers a ton of benefits to your garden. Here they are!

1. Kills Weeds

Sick of constantly pulling weeds? Mix together a gallon of distilled vinegar, two cups of epsom salt, and a couple squirts of liquid dish soap. Spray the solution directly onto any weeds.

2. Beautiful Roses

For bigger, more colorful roses, soak the roots of rose bushes in epsom salt dissolved in water before planting them. Once planted, sprinkle some epsom salt around the base of the rose bush and water it. Repeat once each month.

3. Deters Pests

source: NJ 101.5 / Flickr

Pests like slugs, snails, and other critters don’t like the feel of epsom salt. Sprinkle some around your garden to deter them from destroying your plants.

4. Sweeter Fruit

If you have fruit bushes or trees, spraying some epsom salt dissolved in water around the base of the plant every month or so can help produce sweeter fruit.

5. Transplant Help

source: Balcony Garden Web

If you’re transplanting a plant, sprinkle some epsom salt in the bottom of the hole before planting. The epsom salt will help with transplant shock and give the plant a better chance of thriving in its new location.

6. Healthier Leaves

If certain plants start to exhibit yellowing leaves, it could be due to a magnesium deficiency. Sprinkle a small amount of epsom salt around the base of the plant and water for greener, more lush leaves.

7. Greener Grass

Want your green grass to be the envy of the neighborhood? Use a seed spreader to distribute epsom salt around your lawn.

8. Palm Tree Booster

source: hunker.com

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere with palm trees in your yard, sprinkle one to two cups of epsom salt around the base of the trees to prevent them from becoming yellowed and too dry.