13 Reasons To Use Cast Iron Skillets

If you don’t own a single cast iron skillet, what have you been doing all this time?! Cooking (and baking!) with cast iron skillets offers a number of benefits that traditional pots and pans do not. According to Homestead & Survival, these are the 13 main reasons to use cast iron skillets!

source: Homesteading

1. Used for thousands of years

2. No toxic fumes while you cook

3. Can take high oven heat

4. Non-stick

5. Cleans up easily

6. Inexpensive

7. Browns food beautifully

8. Better heat distribution

9. Usable as a grill

10. Usable over a camp fire

11. Can cook multiple items at once

12. Boosts your iron intake

13. And in a pinch, you can even use one as a weapon 😉

There you have it, folks! Cast iron skillets are great for so many reasons, and they really do make a difference in the way you cook.