Mandala Gardens – What They Are And Why You Should Start One

source: YouTube/ Pete Kanaris GreenDreamsTV

If you’re anything like me and have at least one adult coloring book lying around the house, you likely know what a mandala is. If not, a mandala is a circular shape filled with spirals, patterns, and intricate designs. Originating in Hindu and Buddhist symbolism, mandalas represent the universe, and are used for creating a sacred space used for meditation and spiritual guidance.

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A mandala garden embodies this notion, and is a circular garden containing layers of raised garden beds or paths, imitating a traditional mandala design. You can make a mandala garden as simple or complex as you like, with their purpose being a specific place to meditate, be creative, or get in touch with your spiritual side. Plus, they’re quite beautiful!

source: YouTube/ Pete Kanaris GreenDreamsFL

When creating your own mandala garden, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you want to design the different layers remembering that each one needs to be accessible for watering and weeding. It’s wise to create big enough pathways in between the spirals to walk on, so you are able to comfortably tend to the garden beds.

source: Permaculture Institute

Secondly, you’ll want to plan out your garden beforehand, both with the design and the types of things you want to plant. You could have designated beds for different types of plants, or alternate different plants as you see fit. You may want to stick with planting herbs, or you may want to choose bright, bold flowers that are aesthetically pleasing or fit a desired color scheme. When it comes to your mandala garden, it’s all about personal preference!

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You may also want to include sections of pebbles or other decorative stones to add some creative elements to the mandala. There are just so many great ideas! Although my yard is currently blanketed under a layer of snow, I can’t wait for spring to come – I will definitely be designing and planting a mandala garden of my own this year!