4 Reasons Why People Put Vinegar In With Their Laundry

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Vinegar is one hardworking little product! Yes, you can use vinegar in cooking and to dip your french fries in. But vinegar (specifically distilled vinegar) is also a great natural cleaning product with a variety of uses. If you’ve never added vinegar to your laundry before, I’m willing to bet that after reading this, you’ll try! Here are four reasons why people put vinegar in with their laundry.

1. Whiter Whites

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Did you know that adding a half cup or so of distilled vinegar in with your laundry can help produce whiter whites? The vinegar breaks down dirt and detergent residue, leaving you with whiter clothes and linens as a result. Plus, it’s a safe and natural alternative to using bleach.

2. Deodorize

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Vinegar also works wonders for deodorizing. When my towels start to take on that perpetually damp, musty smell, I add between a half cup and one cup of distilled vinegar into the washing machine. When the towels go through the washer and dryer, they smell clean and fresh again!

3. Fabric Softener

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No need to buy fabric softener when you can just use vinegar! Add around a half cup of distilled vinegar in with your laundry, wash as normal, and your clothes, towels, and linens will come out softer and fluffier.

4. Stain Removal

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Need to tackle some tough stains? Vinegar is a powerful natural cleansing agent – add between half a cup and one cup of distilled vinegar in with your laundry, depending on the severity of the stains. It will help to break down even the most stubborn of stains.

Hopefully this information has given you a newfound appreciation for that bottle of vinegar in your cupboard. In addition to vinegar’s many other uses, distilled vinegar is a powerful agent when it comes to doing laundry. Drop some vinegar in your washing machine and say hello to cleaner, softer, and better smelling clothes and linens!