7 Reasons To Keep Silica Gel Packs

source: gosocial.co

You know those little square packets of silica gel that come with packages and other items you buy? They’re generally labeled “do not eat,” and you’re never really sure what their purpose is. Well, those little packs exist because they absorb moisture from the air, thus protecting whatever they were packaged with. But before you go to toss them in the garbage, check out the following 7 reasons why they’re actually super useful.

1. Deodorize Stinky Gym Bags

source: yumyumlax.com

Throwing a few packs of silica gel in with your gym bag will help to absorb moisture and unpleasant odors.

2. Protect Photos

source: essexrecordofficeblog.co.uk

Placing a couple silica gel packs in with your photo albums and containers will prevent moisture from affecting the photos, which generally makes them stick together.

3. Protect Documents

Another great place to toss in a few packs of silica gel? The drawer or box that contains important documents such as passports, birth certificates, etc.

4. Save A Water-Damaged Phone

source: David Wolfe

Many people claim that storing a water-damaged phone in an airtight bag filled with silica gel packs is far more effective than using rice.

5. Remove Musty Smells From Books

source: LBB

If you buy secondhand books and don’t care for that old, musty smell, place a few silica gel packs in between the book’s pages for a couple of days.

6. Protect Medicine Cabinet Contents

source: Popsugar

Because our washrooms tend to get warm and humid from using the shower, it’s not a bad idea to store a few silica gel packs in your medicine cabinet to protect your medication and other supplies.

7. Store With Musical Instruments

source: Wikimedia Commons

Keep your guitar or other musical instrument moisture-free by keeping a few silica gel packs inside the instrument’s case.