4 Reasons Why Some People’s Hands Go Numb In Their Sleep (And How To Prevent It)

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You’ve probably experienced the uncomfortable sensation of your hand (or hands) going numb while you sleep. You wake up, and your hand feels as though it’s either not attached to your body or being pricked with pins and needles. There are many reasons as to why this could be happening to you while you sleep, but fortunately, there are ways to prevent it from happening.

1. Get Your Hands Out From Under You

Many people sleep with their hands underneath their head or their pillow. This is a major cause of hand numbness while sleeping, so try to avoid going to bed with your hands in these positions.

2. Step Away From The Computer

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If you work on the computer all day, you are at risk of developing carpal tunnel, which can lead to hand numbness. Try to take breaks throughout the day where you stretch out your arms, wrists, and hands.

3. Movement Is Key

Even if you don’t have a desk job, moving and stretching your arms, wrists, and hands is another way to prevent nighttime hand numbness. Every couple of hours, remind yourself to get up and move around.

4. Work On Wrist Posture

source: Vive Health

Keeping your wrists straight (especially while typing) can lessen the chances of experiencing hand numbness. If you’re having trouble keeping your wrists straight, you can try out a wrist brace (upon your doctor’s recommendation).

Remember, persistent hand numbness while you sleep could also be the result of circulatory issues or potentially even a more serious health concern. If you are experiencing consistent hand numbness while you sleep, you should consult with your doctor right away.