How You Can Actually Use The Metal Hoops On Your Shopping Cart

source: LifeBuzz / Photo by: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters

Between my kids, husband, and the constant guests at our house, I tend to make trips to the grocery store every other day. I’m basically on autopilot when I grocery shop — grab the cart, toss my purse in, and check off everything on my list. If you, too, are a frequent grocery shopper, the tip we’re about to share with you will make your shopping trips a little bit easier!

source: Reader’s Digest / ISTOCK/MINERVA STUDIO

Have you ever noticed those metal hoops found on all grocery carts? They are typically found on the edge of the toddler seat area (or as I like to call it, where my purse hangs out while I’m shopping). Most of us have probably never paid any mind to these hoops. But it turns out that they actually serve a very specific purpose.

Those hoops are designed for hanging your grocery bags on (let’s all get in the habit of using reusable cloth bags instead of plastic ones, people!). That way, you can hang bags that contain breakable, squishable items (like eggs, for instance). They can hang over top of the other bags in your cart so that heavy, sturdy items can be stored underneath them.

source: reddit

So the next time you’re at the grocery store, remember the purpose of those metal hoops! Using them is the easiest way to ensure your food items stay safe and unbroken.