We Just Discovered We’ve Been Using Toilet Seat Covers Wrong This Entire Time

source: YouTube/Steve TV Show

Let’s talk about something we don’t generally like to talk about: public restrooms. Now, public restrooms usually aren’t the cleanest of places. When I go in to use one, I try to get in and out as quickly as possible, and use all of the cleaning measures available to me. Most public restrooms have a dispenser filled with single-use toilet seat covers that I always use when offered. However, I just learned I’ve been using them incorrectly – and I’m willing to bet you have been, too!

source: Health News Hub / iStock

The toilet seats in public restrooms aren’t a continuous oval like most of the ones found in our homes – they have a gap at the bottom end of the seat. You’ve probably noticed that those single-use toilet seat covers all have a flap at one end. Most people put the flap towards the back of the toilet seat. However, this generally causes the toilet seat cover to fall into the toilet bowl while in the midst of doing your business.

source: YouTube/Steve TV Show

The toilet seat covers were actually made so that the flap goes at the front, hanging down into the toilet bowl. If you put the cover on this way, it will actually stay on the toilet seat properly. Check out the video below to see a full demonstration of this hack (as well as some other little-known ones!).

This is such a simple correction, but it makes a big difference! If you put the toilet seat cover on correctly, you’ll be protecting yourself from the germs that float around all public restrooms. Wash your hands thoroughly, of course, and you’re good to go! Thanks to the Steve Harvey Show for sharing this helpful tidbit of information!