How To Prevent Your Clothes From Smelling Like Mildew After Washing Them

source: Nanny Goats in Panties

Front-load washing machines are extremely convenient. There are way more options for arranging them in a small laundry room or tight space, and they just make doing laundry much easier. However, there’s one aspect of front-load washing machines that can actually make your clothing smell worse instead of better.

source: Mom 4 Real

Most front-load washing machines have a piece of rubber lining the rim of the circular opening. If you take a peak underneath that rubber lining, what you find there may shock you. When dirt builds up and other washing machine debris gets trapped underneath that liner, then becomes wet because of the wash cycle, it has no way to dry out afterwards. And the combination of those things can lead to the production of mold.

source: source: KEVIN SUAREZ

Aside from the potential health risks mold can cause, it can also give your clothes that musty, mildew-like smell. The point of washing your clothes is for them to look, be, and smell clean, right?! In order to rid your washing machine of mold and ensure your clothes are always smelling their best, there’s a simple solution.

Firstly, take a cloth soaked in your favorite cleaning solution and use it to wipe underneath the rubber lining and along the rim of your washing machine. When that’s done, add a few cups of distilled vinegar to your washing machine and run a warm water cycle. Repeat this process once every month or two to eliminate any future mold buildup. If you’re sick of musty and moldy clothing smells, you now know what to do!