Why We Should All Be Putting Mouthwash In Our Washing Machines

source: YouTube/BuzzFeedVideo

Many of us despise doing laundry, especially those of us with children (doesn’t it feel like you’re spending much of your life folding clothes?!). Fortunately, there are lots of hacks out there to make doing laundry more effective and enjoyable. Here they are!

1. Mouthwash

source: Mom 4 Real

You might think this sounds crazy, but you should pour about half a cup of mouthwash in your washing machine and put it on an empty rinse cycle. Washing machines can become full of germs and bacteria over time, and the mouthwash will clean and disinfect your machine.

2. Cold Water

source: Be EGOlogical

Most washing machines are automatically set on a hot or warm water setting. However, cold water will actually make your clothes last longer, prevent shrinking, and retain color. Plus, it’s better for your energy bill!

3. Salt Water

source: Heddels

Did you know that throwing your jeans in the washing machine is actually a big no no? Washing machines cause jeans to lose their shape and color extremely quickly. Instead of using the washing machine, soak your jeans in a solution of water and one cup of salt before rinsing. This is a much safer cleaning method for jeans.

4. Aspirin

source: Tips and Tricks

If your whites are looking a little yellowed or dull, pop a few Aspirins in with your regular wash. The Aspirin will help restore whites to their former glory.

5. Vinegar

source: Remodelista

Are your towels starting to take on that perpetually damp, mildew smell? If so, pour about a cup of distilled vinegar in with your towels. The vinegar will help kill odor-causing bacteria and make your towels smell fresh again.