Police Are Urging Women To Practice Safety Tips While Holiday Shopping

source: Facebook/Windham, NH Police Department

The holidays can be a hectic time, to say the least. Many of us try to get a head start on our holiday preparations, and this includes thinking about wish lists and going shopping. Heading to the stores during the holiday rush can be a frenzy, and the chaos can make us a little less attentive than we might usually be. This is why theft and petty crime is more frequent during the holidays, and we definitely don’t want to fall victim to either of these frightening possibilities.

Fortunately, the Windham, New Hampshire Police Department shared a few great tips for women embarking on holiday shopping trips. They suggest that women keep their purses closed, zipped, and secured to a shopping cart by lacing the child safety straps through the purse handles. For carts that may not have the child safety straps, the police department recommends clipping an inexpensive carabiner clip to a purse strap and securing it to the shopping cart this way.

You may think that both of these tips sound a little excessive, but they’re the quickest, easiest way to prevent a would-be thief from stealing your purse and the valuables stored inside. Other important holiday shopping tips for women include:

Parking in busy, well-lit areas and avoiding parking garages

Staying alert of your surroundings and ensuring your vehicle is locked

Storing shopping bags in your car’s trunk so they aren’t visible through the windows

Shopping with friends or only during daylight hours

Carrying only small amounts of cash and keeping it in a front pocket

There’s no need to embark on holiday shopping trips feeling scared and paranoid. However, it’s important to practice these simple preventative measures to ensure that the holidays remain a happy, festive time and not one involved with theft or other crimes. Remember to share these helpful tips with your friends and family so that they, too, can have a safe holiday season.