12 Plumbing Tips And Tricks To Help You Be Handier Around The House

source: The Spruce/Kevin Norris

Whether you have a new house or an old one, there will surely come a day when you experience some plumbing-related problem. If it’s a major issue, you’ll want to call the professionals. But for minor plumbing issues, the following tips and tricks may be able to help you tackle the problem yourself.

1. Locate The Shutoff

source: Mr. Rooter Plumbing

First and foremost, every homeowner (and renter) should know where the main water valve shutoff is located. Once you’ve located it, be sure you know how to switch it off. In the event of a plumbing issue, being able to shut off the water right away can prevent a ton of damage to your home.

2. Winterize Your Water Sources

source: Homenish

If you live somewhere that experiences cold, snowy winters, you’ll need to ensure you’re winterizing your home properly. Part of this process involves shutting off the exterior water and storing garden hoses. This is a quick and simple way to prevent frozen, bursting pipes.

3. Perform Routine Maintenance

source: HGTV/Emily Fazio

Doing routine checks and maintenance can help save you lots of troubles and money in the long run. Be sure to regularly check for leaking pipes, descale clogged shower heads, and ensure your hot water heater is running as it should be.

4. Replace Your Toilet Handle

source: Kellermeier Plumbing

Rather than call in a plumber, you can fix or replace a wobbly toilet handle yourself! This video shows you how.

5. Be Mindful Of Drains

source: The Spruce/Lacey Johnson

Sink and shower drains can become clogged quite easily, with the worst culprit being hair. Try to ensure your drains are staying as free from hair as possible. It’s a good idea to use a drain cleaner on a regular basis to move clogs and buildup along before they create a problem.

6. Get A Good Plunger

source: Wirecutter/Doug Mahoney

I can’t tell you how many times we’ve tried to deal with a clogged sink or toilet, only to discover we apparently don’t own a plunger. Get a good-quality plunger before you desperately need one – you’ll thank me later!

7. Prep For Holidays

source: Life Sorted

If you’re going away on vacation for an extended period of time, it might not be a bad idea to shut off your home’s water while you’re gone. This will prevent any plumbing or water catastrophes and potentially tons of damage to your home.

8. Be Careful Of What You Flush

source: Better Homes and Gardens via Witthaya Prasongsin/Getty Images

Here’s a list of things not to flush down the toilet: disposable makeup or disinfecting wipes, tampons, paper towel, and literally everything except toilet paper.

9. Fix A Running Toilet

source: Modern Era Plumbing and Gas Solutions via Home Depot

There are few things more annoying than a constantly running toilet. Troubleshoot and fix the issue by watching this informative video.

10. Retrieve Lost Items

source: The Spruce/Kevin Norris

Most of us have accidentally dropped a ring, earring, or other small item down the sink. If you do this, don’t panic! Shut off your home’s water, place a bucket under the P-trap, and remove it to find your lost item.

11. Compare Quotes

source: HomeAdvisor

If you have a big plumbing job that needs handling, don’t go with the first quote you get. As with everything else, it’s always good to compare multiple quotes. But remember, if it seems too cheap to be true, it probably is.

12. Do Your Research

source: Pete the Plumber

If you need to hire a plumber, be sure to do your research first. It’s always a good idea to read over online reviews so you can better judge a company’s reputation and customers’ experiences using them. Ask friends, family members, or neighbors if they have a trusted plumber they would recommend.

Hopefully this list of plumbing tips and tricks gives you a little more knowledge and confidence to tackle those minor plumbing jobs yourself. Remember, for the big jobs, don’t try to DIY. Leave the big, risky, and complicated jobs for the professionals.