How To Cook Pasta More Quickly And Effectively

source: YouTube/Chowhound

I know it’s not exactly the most healthy food in existence, but my family eats a lot of pasta. With Italian blood on both sides, it’s simply unavoidable! Because we make pasta regularly, I feel like I spend a whole lot of time waiting for the water to boil. And that’s precisely why I wish I had known about the hack you’re about to see way sooner.

Chowhound came up with a much quicker, more efficient way of making pasta. Instead of waiting for a large pot of water to boil, all you need for this hack is a frying pan. Simply place whatever type of pasta you desire in a frying pan, then pour in enough cold water so that the pasta is submerged.

Next, place the lid on the pan and turn on the heat. Because the water starts out being cold, the pasta won’t stick together like it normally does. When it’s done, your pasta will be perfectly cooked, and you’ll also have a thickened liquid that you can use to make sauces.

How smart is that? Not only is this method of cooking pasta way faster, but it also saves water and cooks the pasta to perfection. To check out this process in action, watch the video below.