Mom Shares Awesome Medicine Hack – Great For Parents Of Babies

source: Facebook/Helena Lee

Being a parent to a newborn baby is the equivalent of working three full-time jobs. Sure, we eventually get the swing of feeding them, changing their diapers, and getting them to sleep. But then, that inevitable first time they’re sick comes along, and it totally throws us for a loop. And that’s exactly where this mom’s genius hack comes in.

Helena Lee took to Facebook to share a clever-as-heck parenting hack she had heard about and then tried with her own baby. She revealed that for 24 hours, she had struggled with getting her baby, Alfie, to take Calpol (a common pain and fever medicine for babies). As a result, Alfie ended up being covered in the medicine and spitting out the rest of it.

So what did Helena do? She placed the Calpol tube underneath the nipple part of a bottle. When you go to give the baby the Calpol, they simply think they’re sucking on their regular bottle. Genius, right? Helena happily explained that after trying this method, not one bit of Calpol was wasted and there weren’t even any tears.

Although this parenting hack may not work on all babies, it’s definitely worth trying if you’re going through a similar struggle with administering medicine. Thanks for sharing this great tip, Helena, and remember to pass the wisdom along to the rest of your parent friends!