15 Easy And Realistic Organizing Hacks

source: Crazy Together

Maintaining an organized home is far easier said than done. Throw kids and pets into the equation, and your home can look like a war zone in no time at all. Fortunately, there are lots of organizing hacks out there that are user-friendly and super helpful. Here they are!

1. Linen Storage

source: Martha Stewart

Keep your linen closet from looking like a disaster with this simple tip. Store clean bed sheets in their matching pillowcase so that linen sets are always together!

2. Shoe Storage

source: craftynester.com

This is a great idea for a mud room or closet. Simply fasten empty paint cans (you can buy them at most hardware stores) to the wall, and store shoes in them for super cheap shoe storage.

3. Pegboard

source: A Beautiful Mess

To free up some room in your kitchen cupboards, secure a sheet of pegboard to the wall. Pegboard is great for hanging pots, pans, kitchen utensils, and more.

4. Leaning Bathroom Shelf

source: Overstock

If you need more storage space in a small bathroom, a leaning shelf is the perfect space-saving solution.

5. Laundry Room Baskets

source: Crazy Together

A few rows of wire shelving and some clearly labeled bins will create storage space and organization in a small laundry room.

6. The Marie Kondo Method

source: Real Homes/Lucy Searle

If you only take away one thing from Marie Kondo’s Art of Tidying Up, let it be her method of folding clothes. Instead of stacking your clothes vertically in drawers, stack them horizontally. That way, you’ll be able to clearly see which items are in each drawer without having to dig through a towering pile of shirts.

7. Hidden Pantry

source: Instructables

For more storage space, consider building a sliding “pantry” that fits in between your fridge and the wall. It’s a great solution for storing spices, cooking oils, and more.

8. Cord Organization

source: Apartment Therapy

Most of us have at least one drawer or box that’s filled with a jumble of electronic cables and cords. Make things easier for yourself by storing each cord in an empty labeled toilet paper roll.

9. Playroom Shelving

source: 2 Sisters 2 Cities

A great way to combat mess in your kids’ playroom is to buy some cheap square shelving units from somewhere like Ikea. You can label bins in each cubby so your kids know exactly where they should be putting each item once they’re done playing.

10. Rolling Storage

source: jaimecostiglio.com

Unless you have a big walk-in closet, you probably don’t have enough space to store your clothes and shoes. That’s why rollout bins that can be stored under your bed are an excellent solution!

11. Bathroom Cabinet Storage

source: Amazon

Use small over-the-door storage hooks to keep your hair tools in one convenient place inside your bathroom cabinet.

12. Magnetic Makeup

source: RedBook

This is a great organizational tip for any makeup lovers out there! Glue small magnets to the backs of your makeup palettes. Frame a magnetic board, secure it to your bathroom wall, and your makeup will be easily accessible when you’re getting ready for the day.

13. Shoebox Trick

source: NatalMe

This is another awesome shoe organization hack. Use a polaroid camera to take photos of your shoes. Attach the photos to the outsides of the shoeboxes and you’ll always know exactly where each pair is.

14. Freezer Organization

source: Practically Functional

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time finding anything I’m looking for in my freezer. A great tip is to use baskets to group like items together. For example, use one basket for storing frozen veggies, one for meat, one for frozen treats, etc.

15. Sneaky Ottoman

source: Crate and Barrel

Ottomans with hidden storage are perfect for storing extra pillows, throw blankets, and more. It’s a way better alternative to having all of those things sitting in a pile on the floor!