How To Make Sweet And Tangy One-Bowl Lemon Brownies

source: Jenny Can Cook

I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone who doesn’t love brownies. Although the traditional chocolate variety is delicious, the recipe I’m about to share with you places a unique spin on this classic dessert. Food blog Jenny Can Cook shared their recipe for lemon brownies and I am just dying to try it out.

source: Jenny Can Cook

You may think lemon brownies is just another way to say lemon tart or square, but this truly is a lemon brownie. The consistency is cake-like, similar to a brownie. But instead of that chocolate flavor, you’re left with a sweet and tangy lemon flavor topped with a sweet and fresh lemon glaze.

source: 100k Recipes

What’s really interesting about this recipe is that instead of using cream and butter, it calls for plain Greek yoghurt and oil (avocado oil would be a good choice). That sounds positively healthy to me! Fresh lemon zest in both the batter and as a garnish gives this dessert a wonderfully tart flavor.

source: The Recipe Critic

I was just thinking that adding poppy seeds would take this recipe to the next level. Although lemon desserts are generally thought of as spring and summer treats, this is one that I’ll be making year-round. You can find the full list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions from Jenny Can Cook here. I’ve kind of gotten out of baking recently, but I think this recipe is all the motivation I needed to get back into it!