How To Remove Grease Stains From Clothing

source: La La Lisette

You know the old saying, “Mom knows best”? Well, this saying also applies to grandmothers. Some of the best, most wise pieces of advice have been given to me by my grandma. And many of these include housekeeping tips that I still use all the time. Speaking of old-school housekeeping tips, we’re about to share some methods of removing stubborn grease stains from clothing that your own grandmother likely knew about.

Grease is up there with ink, red wine, and pasta sauce when it comes to hard-to-remove stains. We’ve all spilled salad dressing, olive oil, or some sort of greasy food on our outfits, only to discover that the stain is still there after being thrown in the wash. Thankfully, there are a couple different ways to remove grease stains that really do work.

The first method is quite simple. All you have to do is fill a sink or large container with hot water, then add in some lemon juice. Soak the stained item of clothing for about 20 minutes, then wash as you normally would. The acidity from the lemon juice works to break down the grease stain without damaging your clothing.

Another effective product for removing grease stains is liquid dish soap. Cover the stain with the dish soap, then gently rub it into the fabric. For old grease stains, you may have to use a clothing scrub brush. Afterwards, rinse the garment with a mixture of water and vinegar. This will remove any suds or lingering grease from the piece of clothing. Rinse one more time with water, or toss in the washing machine as you normally would.

When it comes to grease (and all stains, for that matter), it’s important to take action as quickly as you can. Letting a grease stain soak in will only make it harder to remove, so the second you spill something, whip off that piece of clothing and get to work! By using these tips, you will very likely be able to save your outfit.