How To Make Old-School Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake

source: Southern Living/Alison Miksch & Facebook/Shara-Lynn Morrison

Now, most of us would hear the combination of mayonnaise and chocolate, and think, “That sounds disgusting!” But, you need to hear me out. Those of us who grew up eating chocolate mayonnaise cake know that it’s basically one of the best desserts on this planet. The mayonnaise doesn’t add a weird flavor whatsoever – it just makes the cake incredibly moist and delicious.

source: My Recipes/Hector Sanchez

My grandma baked this cake for us kids all the time as we were growing up, and I can still taste it perfectly in my mind. Southern Living (leading experts in perfect desserts) shared a recipe for chocolate mayonnaise cake, and it’s almost exactly the same as my grandma’s version. It’s the perfect birthday cake recipe, and strong-brewed coffee is the secret ingredient that gives this cake a really rich, unique flavor.

source: Southern Living/Alison Miksch

This recipe has two parts – one part for the cake itself, and one part for the frosting recipe. This frosting is smooth, chocolatey, and is the perfect complement to this already-delicious cake. Honestly, I’m drooling just thinking about a slice of this warm, decadent cake. Is cake an acceptable thing to eat for breakfast?! Asking for a friend.

source: Hellmann’s

Okay, now that I’ve gotten you all hyped up about this old-school recipe, click here for the list of ingredients and step-by-step instructions. There’s also a great video showing this recipe unfold in action. So, what are you waiting for?! Let’s resurrect this classic, wonderful recipe!