8 Types Of Flowers That Require Very Little Maintenance

source: The Spruce

If gardening isn’t exactly your area of expertise, you’re not alone. I only really got good at gardening about a year ago, and tons of flowers suffered (and died!) as a result.

So if you don’t necessarily have a green thumb, never fear. There are lots of flowers you can plant in your garden that require very little maintenance. If you want your flowerbeds to look beautiful with little effort on your part, check out these 8 amazing options.

1. Marigold

Marigolds are extremely drought-resistant and can stand being in a ton of heat, making them a great choice for the unskilled gardener. This is an annual plant, so you will have to replant them each year, but their bright and colorful appearance will definitely make your garden pop.

2. Yarrow

Although some people don’t like Yarrow because it spreads so quickly, it’s a great filler plant if you want your garden to look really full. This perennial easily withstands heat and drought, and it also grows quite quickly.

source: Herb Wisdom

3. Moss Rose

This bright, rose-looking flower has a soft vine attached to it like something you would see on a succulent. The sunnier and dryer this plant’s climate is, the more it will thrive. This gorgeous flower also comes in a variety of different colors.

4. New Guinea Impatiens

This bright plant comes in tons of different colors, can withstand heat, and is pretty resilient all around. However, the best part about it is that the dried and damaged blooms push themselves out, meaning that there is no dead-heading needed.

5. Hens and Chicks

These succulent-like plants are awesome because they’re very tough and can grow easily in sandy or rocky soil. They’re perennials, and they make for great ground-covering plants. Plus, how cute is their name?!

6. Lantana

This is another heat-loving plant that requires no dead-heading. They absolutely love the sun, so they may take a little longer to bloom. If where you live is frost-free, these plants are perennials.

source: The Spruce

7. Butterfly Weed

This bright perennial thrives in all different types of soil, and it’s known to be drought-resistant. However, the best part about this plant is that butterflies (specifically monarchs) love to stop by for its nectar.

8. Russian Sage

This lavender-looking perennial withstands drought, can be planted in any type of soil, has essentially no disease or insect problems, and attracts bees and butterflies. What more could you ask for?!