Forget Sunrooms – It’s All About Rain Porches!

source: Southern Living/Hector Manuel Sanchez

You’ve of course heard of sunrooms and front porches before, but have you ever heard of a rain porch? You may think it sounds silly, but rain porches have actually been around for quite a while, and they’re actually quite brilliant. Who wouldn’t want to sit outside listening to the peaceful sound of falling rain, but without getting wet?!

source: Wikipedia/W.N. Manning

According to South Carolina Encyclopedia, rain porches originated sometime between 1820 and 1860 in the South Carolina counties located north of the Santee River and east of the Wateree and Catawba Rivers. These days, there aren’t a ton of houses in the South boasting their original rain porch, but they are starting to make a comeback – and for good reason!

source: Southern Living/Hector Manuel Sanchez

Southern Living discovered one stunning house in Mobile Bay that still boasts its rain porch, original to 1908. The Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay is especially prone to rainstorms and hurricanes, hence the rain porch. Homeowner Ginny Stimpson explained that her home has multiple rain porches, “an awning-like extension of the roof itself that dips down at an angle to shield the house from wind and rain.”

source: Southern Living/Hector Manuel Sanchez

Rain porches extend beyond the porch floor, providing extra coverage from stormy weather and wind. They also feature slatted ceilings for ventilation, which allow the ceilings to expand and contract in accordance with periods of humidity and dry conditions. Pretty smart, right?

source: Two Men and a Little Farm

Well, if you enjoy watching and listening to the rain, you certainly don’t need to live in the South to get a rain porch! I think they’re a fantastic idea.