The Potential Dangers Of Picking Kids Up By Their Arms

sources: McKesson / HealthLine

Many people pick their children up by their arms, twirl them around, and think nothing of it. But unfortunately, this seemingly innocent behavior can actually cause injury to your child. This condition is called nursemaid’s elbow, and it’s far more common than you may think.

source: Health Jade / The Royal Children’s Hospital

Nursemaid’s elbow is common in toddlers and young children. It occurs when the child’s elbow is pulled, which results in one of the elbow bones becoming partially dislocated. Nursemaid’s elbow is also referred to as a pulled elbow or radial head subluxation.

Because ligaments and bones tighten and strengthen as children get older, most children will not get nursemaid’s elbow past five years of age. Nursemaid’s elbow can be difficult to diagnose because it’s rarely accompanied by bruising or swelling, but the child will complain of pain and discomfort in their elbow.

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Posted by Jade Miamum Waltz on Monday, February 8, 2016

Nursemaid’s elbow is treated by the doctor-performed process of reduction, which involves carefully moving the bone and ligament back into place. This is a quick process, and usually results in the child’s elbow being instantly back to normal once complete. You can prevent nursemaid’s elbow in your child by remembering not to pick them up or swing them by the arms. These things happen, but being aware of this condition is a step in the right direction!