How To Get Your Slow Cooker To Clean Itself

source: YouTube/Life Should Cost Less

My slow cooker is probably my most used cooking tool. For busy weeknights, I just plop a bunch of ingredients in, press “on,” walk away, and come back hours later to a warm, delicious meal. Because I use my slow cooker so often, it definitely looks as though it’s seen better days. If your slow cooker also looks like it could use some TLC, here’s how to make it clean itself!

source: Molly Maid

Step 1: Make sure your slow cooker is off and is completely cooled. Fill the slow cooker with water all the way to the top, ensuring that the ring of burnt food residue is also submerged in water.

Step 2: Pour in one cup of distilled vinegar.

Step 3: Add about a cup of baking soda to the solution. You might want to add the baking soda in parts, as it can foam up too quickly when dumped in all at once.

Step 4: Wait for the fizzing reaction to subside. Once it’s done fizzing, set the slow cooker to the “low” setting for about four to eight hours.

Step 5: When the time’s up, turn off your slow cooker and wait for the water to cool before dumping it out. A quick rinse should be all you need to do at this point to see your slow cooker sparkle again!

To see this easy cleaning method in action, check out the video below.