How To Get Rid Of Wood Bees Swarming Your Outdoor Spaces

source: Facebook/Jill Gilmore Pritchett

Myself and one of my children are both allergic to bees, wasps, and the entire family. For this reason, I’m always on the hunt for effective methods of controlling these populations. The past few years seem to have been especially bad in terms of the number of wood bees swarming our outdoor spaces (likely because we have a wooden fence, deck, gazebo, etc.). Fortunately, there is a cheap and simple way to control these bee populations that only involves one common household ingredient.

Facebook user Jill Gilmore Pritchett revealed that PineSol is extremely effective in killing these bees. All you need to do is cut a plastic milk jug on a slant, pour in some PineSol, and the bees will be attracted to the sweet smell. Hang the jug from a bee-prone area like the top of a porch or fence.

I should mention, all bee populations are important – bees are necessary pollinators, and we depend on them for the fruits and vegetables we eat. I would not resort to any bee-killing methods if it weren’t for our severe allergy. That being said, if you haven’t noticed a bee problem and don’t suffer from an allergy, consider leaving them be. Wood bees don’t actually eat wood – they tunnel through the wood, which is what ultimately causes the damage.

Anyways, maybe this simple hack will help protect your outdoor spaces, should you need serious bee protection. But remember, if the bees aren’t bothering you, consider leaving them be, knowing that they, too, are important pollinators. Click here to learn more information about the wood (or carpenter) bee.