The Common Hospital Method For Removing A Stuck Ring

source: Titanium Style

Most of us have experienced that feeling of panic when a ring gets stuck on our finger. Whether it’s your own ring that no longer fits, or someone else’s ring that you’ve tried on, experiencing a stuck ring is never fun. Many people even have to go to the hospital to get their rings cut off. However, this ring removal method is one that many doctors use, and it’s one that you can try at home.

Dr. Simon Carley, the Professor of Emergency Care at Manchester Metropolitan University, explains that in his entire career, he has never had to cut someone’s ring off when it became too tight. Instead, he uses the elastic band from an oxygen mask to remove the ring.

Most of us likely don’t have the elastic band from an oxygen mask in our homes, but a regular elastic band or hair elastic will also do the trick. Dr. Carley explains that he wraps the elastic around the finger all the way to the ring. This compresses the tissue in the finger.

When he has wrapped the elastic all the way to the ring, he uses tweezers to feed the end of the elastic under the ring. Once this has been done, you can pull on the end of the elastic in the opposite direction, which then “spirals” the ring and gets it to move over the compressed tissue of the finger. Pretty cool, right?

To see this super cool method in action, click on the video below.