How To Make The Perfect Cookies Every Single Time

source: Divas Can Cook

Baking is definitely an art form. Cooking allows for a lot more flexibility, which is probably why I’ve never been a confident baker. However, there are a few secrets to making the perfect cookies every single time. Thanks to Thirty Handmade Days for sharing these awesome cookie tips! Just take a glance at these hacks the next time you go to bake cookies, and they’re bound to be a huge hit.

1. Always Use Butter

Always use butter as opposed to margarine. Always soften the butter, not melt it. Melting the butter will change the consistency of the cookies.

2. Don’t Grease Your Cookie Sheets

Greasing your cookie sheets will make the cookies spread into a flat pancake shape.

3. Use A Cookie Scoop

source: Rachael Ray Every Day / iStock

It’s the only way to get perfectly uniform cookies.

4. The 2-3 Minute Secret

source: Wide Open Eats / Shutterstock

For fluffy, chewy cookies, use a stand mixer to cream the butter and sugar for 2-3 minutes.

5. Don’t Over Bake

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Once out of the oven, cookies will continue to bake for a little bit. Taking your cookies out of the oven about a minute early will ensure that they stay soft and fluffy.