10 Little-Known Hacks To Use In Everyday Life

source: / Kimberly Bernards/Facebook

Have you ever learned a hack from someone, then gone on to use it all the time? If so, you probably can’t remember what you did before learning that hack because it’s made things so much easier for you. If you want to know 10 more genius hacks, today is your lucky day — here you go!

1. Line Your Garbage With Newspaper

When putting a new garbage bag in your garbage can, line the bottom with newspaper before putting any garbage in. The newspaper will absorb the gross juices and unpleasant odors.

2. Use A Dust Pan To Fill A Too-Big Bucket

If you’re trying to fill a bucket that doesn’t fit in your sink, just use a clean dust pan to make a sort of funnel into the bucket. Genius!

3. Transfer Pancake Mix To A Condiment Bottle

Making pancakes can be super messy, but not with this clever hack. Just clean out an old condiment bottle, then fill the bottle with pancake batter. It’ll be the cleanest breakfast you’ve ever made!

4. Use A Muffin Tin To Serve Condiments

source: TipHero

Hosting a backyard BBQ? Use a muffin tin to serve the condiments. It’s way easier than hauling out all of the individual bottles, plus it looks more organized.

5. Paint Your Keys With Nail Polish

source: AllDayChic

If you’re sick of trying different keys over and over again, use nail polish to paint the top of your keys with different colors. This will make identifying which key is which far easier.

6. Quickly Soften Butter

If you need to soften butter without melting it, just fill a glass with hot water, dump the water out, then flip the glass over so that it’s on top of the stick of butter. After a few minutes, the butter will be nice and soft.

7. Hide Your Valuables

If you’re spending a day at the beach and don’t want to worry about people stealing your valuables out of your beach bag, just take an old sunscreen bottle and cut it in half. You can secretly store your cash, cards, and anything else of value in there.

8. Preserve Your Herbs

When your herbs start to go bad, don’t throw them out! Just place them in an ice cube tray along with some olive oil and stick them in your freezer. You can use a cube or two the next time a recipe calls for olive oil and herbs!

9. Place A Wooden Spoon Across A Boiling Pot

source: Home Hacks

To prevent water from boiling over, just place a wooden spoon across the top of the pot. That’s all there is to it!

10. Paint With No Messes

source: Thrifty Fun

When painting, fasten an elastic band around the paint can. You can use the band to wipe the excess paint from your brush on, which means it won’t end up on the can or on the floor.